Don’t Reduce That Listing Price…Do THIS Instead

When your real estate listing has been sitting on the market for longer than desired, the traditional next step is often to reduce the property’s listing price. Reducing the home’s selling price is a hit-or-miss tactic that rolls the dice when it comes to results. You may or may not entice prospective buyers with a tempting new price tag. On the other hand, your lowered price might backfire and make your property seem suspicious and less desirable.

Buyers who don’t immediately find the lowered price appealing will instead approach the property with misgivings. They may consciously or unconsciously ask themselves the following questions:

  • Why is the seller desperate to sell?
  • What’s wrong with the house?
  • What’s wrong with the neighborhood?
  • Why would I want to purchase that house when the seller wants out?

But what can you do before making the drastic and costly decision to reduce?

Studies show that adding a floor plan to your listing increases click-throughs from buyers by 52 percent! In fact when given the choice between houses with and without floor plans, 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a listing that didn’t include a floor plan, and over a third said they were less likely to inquire about a property if they didn’t see a floor plan on the listing.

It’s pretty clear that adding a floor plan only increases the appeal of a listing!  Lowering the price of a listing not only reduces the desirability and value of the property in the eyes of the buyers, it reduces the eventual profit to you and the home seller by thousands of dollars.

Why not spend $75 to $250 right now, rather than knock thousands of dollars off the asking price? Call Plan Ahead today to ask about our services, or go to the Contact Me form and request a quote. You and your clients will be glad you did!

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